Pix4Dmapper Mesh – DJI Edition – Yearly Rental

Pix4Dmapper Mesh – DJI Edition – Yearly Rental

Create 3D models using your DJI flying platform, easy and fast.

With Pix4Dmapper Mesh you can easily acquire images using your DJI flying platform, then automatically convert those images into 3D models. Get a preview of the model on your phone within one hour after landing, then use the desktop software to edit and optimize your project. Measure lines and surfaces, create fly through videos, and export the model in full 3D textured mesh and video format.

Yearly rental, including all updates: $480.00
Note: This product (license key) is not eligible for a refund.

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Capture + Mesh

Want to create a 3D model of your property and publish it online? Map your adventure and create a video animation in 3D? Need to inspect and measure roofs, house extensions or solar installations? Produce a 3D model of architectural or landscaping project and share it with your clients? Create digital art and 3D content for gaming?
Pix4Dmapper Mesh makes it easy to complete these projects and more.

Capture + Process
Acquire the images using our Capture App to define the flight and your DJI Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, Phantom 3* or Inspire 1* to complete the mission. Images are automatically synced from the drone to your phone and cloud account. Cloud processing sends back a quick 3D preview of your model, and the desktop software’s fully automatic workflow processes the images in one click.
* Available soon

Edit + Measure
View and assess your project, optimize and improve the reconstruction of difficult areas using manual tie points and easily select and remove points from the 3D point cloud. Annotate lines and surfaces using both the 3D point cloud and original images at the same time to measure distances and surfaces.

Output + Share
Choose the resolution of your model and save it as a full 3D textured mesh in various formats, including 3D PDF for fast delivery. Create fly-through animations of your model and share them easily in video format.
To try a sample version, and for more in-depth information: http://pix4d.com/pix4dmapper-mesh-dji

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